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     Teaching  and reaching, sharing and caring for disciples and warriors of the Way is what Strait Gate Kingdom is all about. Although it is our primary focus, Bible Literacy is not our only concern for Yahshua's disciples. Subjects that broaden the mind in various disciplines giving clarity and relevance to our spiritual and natural development are also encouraged. The pursuit of Truth is an ongoing endeavor for Kingdom disciples and warriors, a lifelong propostion. Therefore we should embrace learning new things at any point and age in our our spiritual journeys. Having well rounded knowledge is a good thing so educate your mind and avoid the foolishness this world and its media minnions of madness push at you. Since Yahweh is our Source, anything we learn can and should somehow be connected back to or, at the least, not grate against that Source. The more we know in general the better we can navigate this life in a Kingdom centric fashion and accomplish what Father Yah purposed for our lives. It can be an exciting adventure to delve into the academic tennacles of the Way and the Word. We can never learn too much about our faith if it is accurate information and stimulates our brains and directs our hearts to higher ground in Yahshua Hamashiach.

     These recommendation links are to some ministries that freely give good information or teaching. Also there are some links to publishing houses devoted to selling Bibles and other faith based literature. Keep in mind that these organizations, businesses or ministries may have beliefs or doctrinal slants that SGKO does not neccessarily agree with or support. This ministry operates with an "eat the meat and throw away the bones" philosophy. Take what is good and works for spiritual edification and dismiss or ignore what does not. If the important basic beliefs are the same, you do not have to agree with every dot and tittle or POV to extract some good information or beneficial knowledge from a source.

     The additional posted videos and audios are of various topics to elaborate on the faith we hold so dear. By all means enjoy them but most of all learn and make it useful for the Kingdom and for your spiritual growth.

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