Character of Kingdom Living

     Let's establish one fact from the start. A Kingdom life does not mean being a naturally perfect human being. Our perfection comes from Yahshua's Spirit in us and His perfection. It is only through the Master's righteous and perfect nature that we are made worthy. Kingdom living is simply a life founded on a relationship with our High and Holy Father and discipleship to His Savior Son, despite our human sin nature. Yahshua, the Messiah, made repeated references to the Kingdom of YAH. Living with a Kingdom mentality focuses on the spirit ruling Kingdom of Yahweh Elohim, The Almighty Great I AM. Instead of this temporal world being our compass, we follow Yahshua's spiritual path through this natural life. The character of Kingdom living is simply a way of thinking and living with Yahweh's Kingdom framing our worldview. It's doing life His Way, putting yourself under His Divine authority. Scripture tells us our Redeemer was given full authority in heaven and on earth. To me that means Kingdom authority, so this clinches the fact that Yahshua Hamashiach is King and this world is His Kingdom. 

And having come near, Jesus spake to them, saying, `Given to me was all authority in heaven and on earth;

having gone, then, disciple all the nations, (baptizing them -- to the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

teaching them to observe all, whatever I did command you,) and lo, I am with you all the days -- till the full end of the age.'

Matthew 28:18-20 (YLT)

      Being centered on the Gospel of the King and His Kingdom puts us at odds with the world's culture. The world, under the dominion of the adversary, actively and vehemently opposes the Kingdom of God and everything it stands for. Even as born-again believers we maintain the inherited sin nature of humanity. Living out our Kingdom discipleship in real time makes for constant battle of our will or His Way. We have to become cognizant of which kingdom we are under with every thought or attitude we harbor, each word we speak and action we take? How do we rise above natural inclinations and navigate our journey toward Higher Ground? Understand first, there are definite ways we can stop surfing the waves of contemporary culture. We do not have to be held prisoner by the enemy of Yahweh, our Creator and despisers of humankind. We have been given the means and power to be light in this unholy darkness. Kingdom people focus on walking in the spirit and the Savior's Sacrifice and Resurrection victory that goes before us. It requires intentional effort and hard work to change how we think, speak and act. Refocusing our worldview, restructuring our value system and redirecting our moral compass all grates against the flesh. If you are a child of our High and Holy Father YAH, redeemed by the sacrificed Blood of Yahshua, you are enabled and instructed to do just that, RENEW YOUR MIND.  


And fashion not yourselves like unto this world, but be ye changed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what that good, and acceptable and perfect will of God is.   Romans 12:2 (1599 GNV)