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Mission Statement

     KingdomKlass' core function is to be the teaching resource for Strait Gate Kingdom Outreach, promoting Bible literacy. Its job is to provide free learning materials that encourage a growing understanding of our Sovereign Creator and the faith as laid out in Yahweh's Holy Scriptures. To demonstrate Kingdom mentality and encourage saints toward their own diligent examination of the Sacred Texts with scholarship, Holy Spirit guidance and the benefits of anointed teaching. To help unify remnant saints and warriors, the end time disciples of the Redeemer through fellowship, worship, study and evangelism as well as understanding our individual assignments.

     KingdomKlass is dedicated to the Gospel Truth and emphasizes Bible literacy to empower the True Assembly of Yahshuah, the Messiah, to enlarge His Kingdom.

     The overarching mission is to serve; serve our High and Holy Father Yah, serve the Kingdom and our Redeeming King while being of spiritual and physical service to humanity.

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