SGKO Platform 

Strait Gate Kingdom

SGKO's Goal


Bring fresh faith to submitted and committed  saints by

teaching Father Yah's Eternal Truth via Bible literacy and a Kingdom worldview. SGKO aims to educate, enlighten and empower Messiah's disciples to properly present the Gospel to this fallen and deceived world.

Kingdom Klass


Bible Literacy


Mending Theological, Doctrinal and Traditional Breeches

Discipleship and Unity among followers of the Redeemer

Empowering Toward Effective Evangelism

Remnant Saints



Equipping remnant saints and warriors for their spiritual journeys by correct biblical application. Providing necessary assistance  and encouragement to other ministries with similar missions. Promoting a lifestyle under Yahweh's Sovereign Will and Way.

The Fallen World

To this deeply deceived fallen world, we uplift Yahweh Elohim, revealing His Divine Character, Power and Position in the universe as Father, Creator and Soveriegn Ruler. Also by proclaiming the Good News of Yahshua Hamashiach, the Redeeming Son. Glorifying our High and Holy Father and His Divine plan.