Strait Gate Kingdom

SGKO's mission: , to teach saints  and warriors applicable and necessary components of Bible literacy  and discipleship. To educate and empower the chosen saints  then reach  into the sinful unbelieving world proclaiming the Truth of the Gospel toward salvation.

Kingdom Klass

Kingdom Klass is the teaching leg of SGKO. Its mission is to rightly divide the Word of God to remnant saints and warriors for spiritual acuity,  maturity and  a more anointed evangelism to the world. Guiding them to firmer Bible literacy and application that mends many doctrinal breeches.

Remnant Saints

Our mission for the remnant saints and warriors of  Yahshua Hamashiach, Jesus The Christ, is to facilitate a deeper comprehension of Scripture and its life application.  To mend  the many breaches in our corrupted theology to help us in our divinely ordered spiritual journeys.

The World

For the unbelieving people in the world we continually evangelize, reaching them with Good News of Salvation and Father God's Divine plan. Ever professing  His love and the redeeming sacrifice of Yahshua Hamashiach (Jesus The Christ) on the Cross and His victorious resurrection.

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