Strait Gate Kingdom

SGKO's Goal


Bring fresh faith to submitted and committed  saints through

teaching and preaching Father Yah's Eternal Truth through Bible literacy and a Kingdom  worldview. SGKO aims to educate, enlighten and empower Yahshua's disciples to saturate the world with the Gospel.

Kingdom Klass


Bible Literacy


Mending Theological, Doctrinal and Traditional Breeches

Discipleship and Unity  among the True Church of Christ.

Empowering Saints Toward Effective Evangelism

Remnant Saints



Equipping saints and warriors in their spiritual journeys by correct biblical application.  Helping to discover individual gifts and the personal missions attached to them. Correcting man's errant traditions and mistaken  doctrines. Living under Yah's Will in Yah's Way.

The Fallen World

For the unbelieving world, we show them Yahweh, revealing His Divine Character, Power and Position in the universe as Father, Creator and Soveriegn Ruler. Also by proclaiming the Gospel Truth of Love's Salvation through the Redeeming Son by our High and Holy Father's Divine plan for His beloved Creation, mankind. 

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