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FRESH FAITH Perspective

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

He said to me, “These waters go out toward the eastern region and flow down into the rift valley; when they enter the Dead Sea, where the sea is stagnant, the waters become fresh. Ezekiel 47:8 (NET)

In the United States of America and most likely globally, Christianity is under fire, suffering erosion and denigration from all directions, including professing believers. This once fairly faithful nation standing firm for the Gospel of the Savior and the Kingdom is turning into a treacherously blasphemous enemy of the One True God. The God glorifying foundation has been watered down, picked apart and torn away from the fabric our country. The United States is no longer considered,"one nation under God", at least not the Holy Sovereign God of the universe. It is no longer Christian by political or social barometers and certainly not by biblical standards.

Biblical Truth is being systematically demonized but despite this disheartening reality there remains faithful brothers and sisters living in the US and all over the world; a remnant scattering of saints that have not bowed the knee to Baal. We, who solidly champion the tenets of our discipleship to Yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus The Christ, will find that we are contrary to contemporary culture. We're surrounded by an environment of secularism and the encroaching universal religion movement. Like Salmon swimming upstream, we move against the ever changing trends. Because of our beliefs, true followers of Yeshua must be certain and able to reasonably articulate the what and whys of their spiritual stance. More than ever, we need to know exactly what we believe and why we believe it. Gone are the days of blindly following preachers, church hierarchy, religious traditions or the faith community crowd. People are not infallible, traditions can be errant and the crowd may be moving in a wrong direction. Scripture tells us the gate is strait, tight, hard to get through, narrow or small, and few will find it. There will be no large crowd making it through the gate to everlasting life. Most will not want to go through or even recognize they ought to go through.

If you are submitted and committed to Yahweh, the Sovereign Ruler and Creator, you want to grow in His Grace and know that you are in His Will. There are those special times during your spiritual journey when you'll need to take a fresh look at your faith walk in order to keep upping your game. And if you're wondering why you need to up your game, look around you. Watch the increasing chaos and calamity. Listen to the outrageous blasphemy and brazen lies from the adversarial camp. Check out all the accepted ungodly philosophies, even in the church. Spiritually sense the hand of unadulterated evil tightening it's grip around this planet and you'll understand that the enemy is upping his game all the time.

So, fresh faith is simply upping your game for God's glory and your Kingdom Service. Christians can become complacent in their faithful lives and what was once fresh, exciting and alive becomes routine, mundane and lack enthusiasm. That's a signal that you've idled on the same level too long and it's time to move up a level to fresh ground. What does fresh faith look like? What constitutes a move toward freshening what has become stale? It's a spiritual reassessment that can enlighten and propel you to higher ground. Fresh faith puts the spotlight on God's Way, fashioning one to be more like Yeshua, the Redeemer and in closer relation to Father Yah. However, this growth of glory to glory only happens from a person's Kingdom mentality, looking at things from God's perspective as much as we are able.

The first order of business is getting a clearer and more intense look at our Creator; Who He is, how He operates and our relationship with Him. Get into the Word of God with deep-dive intention. Not just floating on top in shallow waters but going deep beneath the surface, absorbing Divine communication. Let the waters of the Word of God flow into your Dead Sea and make it fresh. Pray for comprehension beyond what you already have and ask for wisdom and spiritual discernment in abundance as you navigate this process. Invite Holy Spirit interaction into your fresh faith experience to the overflow. You'll need it.

The next step is taking an honest look at ourselves; the good, bad and ugliness. We check our behaviors and motives then juxtapose that with who we are under the Lord's authority. Truthfully, it is not all that pleasant at times. Fresh faith has us examining ourselves; our beliefs, our behavior and most of all our hearts. Seeing ourselves under a Holy microscope is intimidating and often shocking. You're striped of a lot of worldly deceit accumulated from being born under sin's yolk and into a corrupted environment. As another revealed layer of what we are is stripped away, say goodbye to ego and our natural inclinations. Our self satisfying focus takes a back seat to the plans and purposes of Father Yah, the Divine Source. It's not about us but about standing in the presence of a High and Holy Sovereign, Who is the One making the rules since we will be under His judgment. And I can tell you first hand that is a seriously humbling place to be. You wither and shrink as you begin to understand how utterly unworthy you are in your natural self. The best of you, as Scripture says, is like filthy rags.

But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthyrags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. Isaiah 64:6 (AKJV)

Your worldly self esteem plummets and your posture is reduced to mental and physical bowing and prostration. You are, as Jeremiah cried out when in the presence of God, "undone". You see yourself in a state not covered by the Savior Son and that is not pretty. Oh, but for the shed blood covering of Messiah where would we be? Born in sin and living in an evil dominated world, what chance would we have without the Deliverer's sacrifice. If not for the gift of the unmerited Mercy of Salvation, what eternal fate would mankind be doomed to suffer?

The understanding of that and seeing our stripped naked selves in the light of Divine examination encourages us toward a serious look at our faith walk hoping to come ever-closer to getting it right. Good intentions are nice but a tighter relationship with God and an infusion of spiritual power is what gets results. If we are truly born again we want our lives to be pleasing to Yahweh and of some worthwhile Kingdom value. We want to get in the Will of God and stay in His Will. To accomplish that we have to examine what we believe as well as how we live out our beliefs. We'll check our thoughts, actions and character. We repent when it's called for and pray for Holy Spirit guidance and strength through this whole process.

People, even us saved folks, are not perfect in and of ourselves but our Redeemer covers us with His perfection. Freshening your faith can take time, it did for me. The first time I went through the process it took almost two years but afterward I was definitely better for it. God knows how much we can handle without having a nervous breakdown. He knows how we absorb information and the best way to present His Truths to us. The process is in His hands, not ours. It is a surrender of sorts, one that will help His children become better Kingdom citizens now. And when it's over, you'll know without doubt that your inward spirit man has been elevated. One big time hit against the enemy camp and three glorious stars for the Righteous Eternal Kingdom of God!

So what kind of issues can come up requiring these spiritual self examinations? That in itself could be a book, a thick book. I will refer to my personal move of freshening my faith for example's sake. Each individual has their own issues with which they would grapple. Your experience is according to where you are spiritually and what the Lord is trying to get across to you. Keep in mind that Father Yah, the Savior Son and Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) knows us intimately.

For me, at one time, it was issues concerning my writing career and ministry calling. Like most people I was confused by errant concepts in the faith community. Just because something relates to Christianity does not make it ministry. I had to realize my career and ministry were two distinctly different departments of my life. Making a fresh evaluation, I came out of a depressed and confused phase realizing my career writing was not my ministry. At the time this was, indeed, a shocker. The writing career and ministry efforts are two separate endeavors although both demonstrate my faith. The story telling career is a joy for me. I was made to write stories but selling those stories is primarily about financial gain and for that reason it's a career not a ministry. My ministry is Kingdom service which should have no moneymaking attached to it. Ministry is free...period. You do not sell ministry. I expect a lot of push back about that statement but that's okay. This is how I view these matters. Everyone follows their own personal guidelines on this topic. The point of me telling this is not to debate that issue but show how God teaches us what we need to know when we are willing to take a fresh look at our spiritual life. That was just one of my experiences and believe me, there were several more during these past years.

When you finally come out of that wilderness experience or climb out of the pit, whatever reason you need to take a fresh look, you will reach higher ground each time. Fresh faith will strip the self serving ideologies, misunderstood doctrines and errant theology away, leaving you with a sharper focus and understanding like never before. We all, no matter how spiritual we think we are, need to revitalize our faith at times. The refreshing process produces change and doesn't always have to be overly stressful. Whatever and however the need comes to you, do it. Fresh faith is renewed faith on spiritual steroids. It's beneficial to your faith walk and your Kingdom service will be greatly enhanced when you do.

FYI: Check back to read future Fresh Faith commentaries on all aspects of refreshing our faith walk. Even if you don't agree with the comments it will give you food for thought.

Peace, Purpose and Prosperity!

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