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Updated: Jul 18

This four part teaching is a need-to-watch for serious Bible students wanting Truth, understanding and a clear perspective of what is really going on around us. The spirit realm is a repeated topic in the Holy Bible. It is real and it is a major player in Yahweh's plans and purposes. So it behooves us to understand the spirit world and its importance in our lives now and possible effect on our eternity.

Derek Prince has long passed away and this series was taught many years before he died. Amazingly this anointed man of God was not a very high profile believer like so many celebrity preachers are today. Nonetheless, he was ahead of his time in much of what he taught, and was assuredly commissioned by God to so. At least I believe he was. Prince was not flashy, loud or brash. As Yahweh would have it, His servant was mild spoken with no worldly bling or noticeable zing. Some consider his teaching style boring but if you comprehend what he's teaching it's utterly exciting. Derek Prince taught aspects of Scripture and Christian principals others did not at that time and most still do not. His easy to understand manner lays out the structure and activities in which we are completely a part of unbeknownst to many Christians. We are just now hearing a few pastors and others speak about these things. This was to the family of faith's detriment as our ignorance kept mankind in the dark and losing a lot of battles to the adversary. Watch these videos carefully, pay attention and then pray for Divine wisdom, empowerment and obedience.

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